Eye Exam FAQS

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Most people live under the fallacy that if they are not experiencing any perceptible vision problems then they don’t need an eye exam. The American Optometric Association makes a recommendation that adults ranging in age from 18 years to 60 years should have their eyes examined at least once every two years and at least once per year after the age of 60.

There are four primary reasons to have your eyes examined on a regular basis. One of the most obvious reasons is to measure your visual acuity, meaning the ability to focus in a variety of viewing situations that occur during our normal day. When everyday objects are out of focus or we have to strain to focus, this can not only be annoying but also a source of eyes strain, fatigue, and headaches. Modern optometric technologies which can be prescribed by your eye care professional can easily remedy these situations.

Another equally important reason for having regular eye exams is to determine the overall health of your eyes since many serious eye diseases begin or can exist with little or no symptoms. Your eye care professional can dilate your eyes and perform a comprehensive eye examination to determine if any conditions exist such as cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration and advise you of the correct treatment protocol. Even a condition such as diabetic retinopathy can be determined and alert a patient who is not even aware that they are diabetic or pre-diabetic. By detecting these conditions early, your eye care doctor will be able to properly correct the problem or at least mitigate their impact.

Developmental problems especially as they relate to younger children can often be diagnosed and treated with the proper eye exam. If these vision problems remain uncorrected they can often lead to reading or learning difficulties or may even contribute to other conditions such as ADD or dyslexia. This is especially important with children since uncorrected vision problems may lead to other more serious conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye) which may cause serious vision problemslater in life if they are not treated at this early stage.

Of course the main reasons for getting regular eye exams is to maintain proper eye health, however many people also enjoy looking stylish by wearing glasses designed with the latest fashion trends in mind. Many people enjoy a greater degree of self confidence knowing that they are sporting quality eyewear that reflects current design trends.

Additionally there are also advances in lens technology that happen on a regular basis such as improvements in scratch resistance and anti-reflective coatings which enable eyeglass wearers to experience enhanced vision and increased durability with their eyewear.

In recent times sunglasses have also become more of a fashion accessory and many patients are opting to order prescription sunglasses as a matter of convenience as well as style. Your eye care professional can show you the latest sunglasses designs and eye ware trends that can help you to look and feel better as well as protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.